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Chiropractic For Families

At Ignite Chiropractic, we have a heart for serving families and watching them become healthier together. We strive to make care affordable for all families, to ensure your family gets the care they need and deserve, so you can continue making memories for years to come. If you are in search of true health and healing for your family, this is the place for you!



Family Chiropractic Care

At Ignite Chiropractic, we focus on family care, meaning we provide nervous system centered care for all ages and stages of your family's life. The best part about our approach is that it can help such a wide variety of symptoms and health concerns, making our office the perfect one stop shop for all members of your family.

Neurological chiropractic adjustments resolve subluxations (or nerve interference) at the source, which allows your body to return to it's optimal functioning, giving your body back the power to heal itself naturally. The body knows what to do, it just needs the interference removed.

Explore The Benefits

When we remove interference to your body’s nervous system, the communication is restored and therefore your body is able to heal itself from the inside out, as it was always supposed to.


There isn’t one adjustment just for neck pain or just for reflux that works the same on everyone. Because of our tonal approach to chiropractic care, the benefits can present differently for each person.


Some symptoms and conditions that have resolved after receiving care in our office include:

  • Low, mid, and upper back pain resolved

  • Sciatica pain resolved

  • Headaches and migraines less frequently and completely resolved

  • Recovery from motor-vehicle accident trauma

  • Insomnia reduced

  • Anxiety reduced and resolved

  • Allergies resolved

  • Numbness and tingling in hands and feet resolved

  • High and low blood pressure regulated without medications

  • Baby's reflux and colic resolved

  • Baby's latching difficulties improved

  • Child's bedwetting and daytime accidents resolved

  • Hypo- and hyperthyroidism improved

  • Constipation resolved

  • Posture greatly improved

  • Plantar fasciitis pain improved

  • And so much more! 

Start Family Care

If you are ready to reignite your family's life with true healing, simply click the button below to get a visit scheduled.

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