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Have You Been Injured?

We're here for you!

Ignite Chiropractic gladly accepts auto accident cases. We are ready to get you feeling and
functioning better as quickly and simply as possible. Our insurance specialist has years of experience with auto insurance companies and attorneys and will help make getting the care you need as stress-free as possible.

Xray Machine
Dr. John explaining xray images


In addition to the New Practice Member paperwork, please fill out an injury questionnaire.

Before your appointment, you will need:

  • Your claim number

  • Your adjuster's name, phone number, and email

  • Your car insurance information

  • Your attorney's name, phone number, and email


Expect a comprehensive neurological and muscular exam at your first appointment to assess the injuries sustained in the auto accident, along with chiropractic postural x-rays to assess any structural injuries or abnormalities.

Please take time to fully complete our injury questionnaire prior to your appointment to ensure our team has an accurate depiction of your aches and pains and can put together recommendations to begin your healing process. For insurance purposes, all auto accident claim information must be received for our assessment and exam to take place.

To Know

  1. Many auto accident injuries go undiagnosed because shock and adrenalin can mute or delay the onset of symptoms. Even minor injuries can lead to long term instability and degeneration.

  2. You may have received medical treatment immediately following your accident with a local hospital or your primary care physician. Additionally, receiving chiropractic care can be pivotal to your overall healing, pain relief, and future quality of life! The symptoms of deeper musculoskeletal injuries to your spine can take weeks or even months to manifest and chiropractors are trained to detect these injuries even before symptoms arise. That is why we recommend scheduling your assessment as soon as possible following your accident.

  3. When pursuing a personal injury case through your auto insurance, the at-fault party's auto insurance, and/or an attorney, it's important to get assessed prior to settling your case. Seeking treatment after settling your personal injury case will result in out-of-pocket costs to you. In most cases, your insurance will have Med Pay, which allows medical facilities, like Ignite Chiropractic, to bill a certain amount for services and treatments in our office.

  4. Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, especially after an auto accident. Our insurance specialist will communicate directly with your attorney or the liable insurance company so you are able to focus on your health and healing. We also have a reputable, local attorney we refer to for cases that may not be as open and shut.

Start Your Recovery

After gathering the necessary information listed above, simply click the button below to schedule your injury evaluation and begin the recovery process. We're looking forward to getting you back to feeling great!

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